Your Channel Package

You receive dedicated software that allows you to:

  •  Stream Live to over 35 platforms (including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, the Internet, and facebook), with other platforms being added regularly.
  • Stream existing videos on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.
  • Easily edit feeds to make modifications to your streaming channels.
  • Stream to new platforms (when added) with the click of a mouse button.

You also receive:

  • Exceptional Customer Support from the software developers themselves.
  • Customer Support from Smart TV Networks.

As well as:

  • Attention and recognition from the media and your Community for offering

o   Affordable advertising

o   LIVE access to current events and festivals

  • Providing a valuable benefit that is unavailable anywhere else in Michigan (at the moment).
  • Enhancing your organization’s status as a leader and trend-setter.

Your Community receives:

  •         Access to affordable advertising on television channels seen worldwide but targeted to their local market

o   They will typically pay less than 1% of the cost of advertising on traditional television.

  •         No restrictions on the length of their promotional material! No more “30/60 second” time restrictions

o   They can promote products

o   Provide testimonials

o   Do demonstrations

  •         As much access as you want to give them

Television channels that highlight them; their teams, their businesses, their places of worship, their schools… their community!